What now?

So what does a guy do with a website these days? News for nerds … nope, that’s taken. Confusing screens packed with small frames of rapidly updated news items at high speed … damn, Headline News is doing that. Distributing homemade porn videos … if I knew that type of woman I wouldn’t spend that much time on my computer.

I do have a plan for this website, but perhaps my friends can help me work out the details.

It’s not like I’ve never had a website. I started making web pages in 1992 on Clemson’s Sun/SPARC network. I’ve done web work for hire, created three intranets at two different companies, and still keep my odd brand of literature at my current website. But I never considered creating a weblog. It feels too much like a diary, and I’m far from being a giddy schoolgirl. Plus I remember what happened when Bob Packwood’s diary went public (trust me, no interns were harmed in the making of this website).

So, here’s my current webplan …
(a) Amy of domesticat.net fame will add this site to the wondergeeks.net syndicate. Whatever I put in the weblog will become a headline on the web’s most useless portal (well, we’re tied with altavista for that title right now).
(b) Many “classic” (i.e. old) entries from my current website will be entered into the Greymatter weblog. This makes it easier for me to keep everything, plus it can all be searched (makes it easier for the Smithsonian to catalog my great works).
(c) Records of my interaction with the world around me will be entered into my so-called website. This includes rants, fiction, computer issues, home improvement stories and descriptions of exactly what a goat will and will not eat.
(d) My wife will have the ability to post new entries to Greymatter, so her insights will also be available (although I hear rumors that her farm website may soon see the light of day).

I will not enable user comments on this site, because most comment boards end up becoming flame warzones at one time or another. Send comments via e-mail to spambrian at mindspring.com. I promise to read them before filing them in my spam collection.

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