Classic: When Trucks Meet Banks

Another old classic from my past web pages (Spring 1999). This event was also featured on the Tard of the Month website, which chronicles bad drivers in Atlanta.

So what happens when a tall vehicle goes under a short object? How sturdy are Ryder Trucks? Why do banks have that “low clearance” bar before you get to the drive-thru? Thanks to the fact my co-worker Billy had a camera in the car, we can now answer these questions.

OOPS: The story of a man, a truck, and a big metal bar

Well, here’s the story. This happened in the Spring of 1999 at the corner of Jimmy Carter Blvd. and Brook Hollow Parkway in Norcross, GA. I am returning from a tasty lunch with two of my co-workers when we see a very strange sight. Sitting on the curb by the Nations Bank is a Ryder truck, with its side cut open like it was attacked by a giant can opener. The left side of the truck has fallen into the road, and the roof of the cargo container is missing.

We turn the corner and pull into the bank parking lot to take pictures of this brain surgeon in action. This is when we see the rest of the truck, draped over the “Warning: Low Clearance” bar that is supposed to keep large vehicles from entering the drive-thru teller lanes.

As far as we can tell, this is what happened:

  • Our driver decided to turn into the bank parking lot, where he encountered the metal bar.

  • After driving the truck underneath the bar, he decided to back up and check the truck.
  • The driver then backs up, going underneath the bar again. This leaves the roof of the Ryder truck’s cargo bay attached to the “Warning: Low Clearance” bar.

  • The driver pulls back out onto Brook Hollow Parkway and parks the truck on the side of the road. This is where the left side of the cargo bay, no longer held in place by the support of the roof, detaches from the truck and falls into the road.

Thus completes the conversion of one large rental truck to a sardine can. Enjoy the pictures and drive safe!

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