Almost time for load-in

Tuesday and Wednesday will be messy, hectic days at work. I have a lot to do before I go on vacation … of course I’m taking time off to work Dragon*Con. It doesn’t make much sense to take time from a paying job to work a volunteer gig at a sci-fi show. It makes even less sense to spend weeks preparing for the “pre-show project”, which will only be seen once by a fraction of the con audience.

But sometimes the best fun can’t be logically explained … and Dragon*Con, while being a lot of work, is a lot of fun.

Load-in is Thursday. That’s when several dozen technical operations (TechOps) volunteers bring in all of the equipment … lighting rigs, video screens, televisions, microphones, DVD players. The weekend is full of panels, concerts, wrestling, robot battles, and two huge costume contests (one of which will take over the Atlanta Civic Center, which is primary job this year).

Yes, it’s a lot of work. But it’s fun … just don’t ask me why.

Bring on the con.

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  1. It IS fun 😀 I prepped by staying up until midnight last night, driving to Best Buy, waiting in line, buying the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, going home & watching features until 1AM then getting up after a few hours sleep to go into work.

    Bring on the con!

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