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  • Black Rolling Bags

    August 26, 2001 … 9:06 PM … San Jose, CA An empty baggage carousel works its way in a counter-clockwise motion. On any other flight, on any other day, my two black rolling bags would be on that carousel. Today they are not.

  • Spammed with Spam

    I was spammed today, using Spam. Since Spam filtering is currently disabled in Excite Inbox (probably due to their 3.0 beta test), I was greeted with this spam … a picture of Spam e-mailed to me. Subtle humor and annoyance, all rolled into one. Thank goodness this didn’t come by standard mail.

  • Friday at The Punchline

    Four words defined Friday night … Lewis Black, Front Row Lewis was at The Punchline last night. Wonderful show, entirely new material (mostly about Atlanta traffic and Presidents). Suzanne and I laughed till we cried. I have a signed CD from him now. Very nice way to spend an evening.

  • Up, Up and Away

    Tuesday, August 21. 9:22 PM EST Pecan Delight or Ruffles? After completing what was advertised as a “turkey sandwich”, I contemplate the remainder of my in-flight snack. The Ruffles contain a modest 3% of my federally mandated sodium for the day. However the Pecan Delight mingles chocolate with the subtle flavors of partially hydrogenated cottonseed […]

  • No bones about it

    One of my new favorite covers from The Weekly World News

  • No, not Uma Thurmond!

    What has happened to the south? Can Dixie exist without Jesse Helms & Strom Thurmond?,2933,32625,00.html