Classic: When Trucks Meet Banks

Another old classic from my past web pages (Spring 1999). This event was also featured on the Tard of the Month website, which chronicles bad drivers in Atlanta.

So what happens when a tall vehicle goes under a short object? How sturdy are Ryder Trucks? Why do banks have that “low clearance” bar before you get to the drive-thru? Thanks to the fact my co-worker Billy had a camera in the car, we can now answer these questions.
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Classic: Panicing User Virus

As part of my great website adventure, I am moving content from my old website to’s Greymatter database. This classic (i.e. old) gem comes from 1998, when virus hoaxes ran wild like herds of buffalo in the Great American Southwest (pre-European invasion).

The “Panicing User Virus” e-mail was one I composed in response to yet-another-virus-hoax being sent through my company’s e-mail system. The worst part of it … I work for a computer company, where the people should know better! It might have been a bit harsh, but tough love is sometimes the best.
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What now?

So what does a guy do with a website these days? News for nerds … nope, that’s taken. Confusing screens packed with small frames of rapidly updated news items at high speed … damn, Headline News is doing that. Distributing homemade porn videos … if I knew that type of woman I wouldn’t spend that much time on my computer.

I do have a plan for this website, but perhaps my friends can help me work out the details.
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