Japan: Picture Gallery

Time to leave Japan. I have a flight this afternoon from Narita. I’m still working on the rest of my journal entries. Until they’re posted, please enjoy a selection of photos from Japan.

Around the office:
Kenny & Kirk, our local sales reps
Our office in Tokyo
Justin’s favorite office item, the Coke machine

Tokyo Dome City:
Why is Denny’s in Japan?
Big neon sign for Godzilla to crush
Tokyo Dome City at night

Subway Station:
Train Map (see Kenny’s hair at bottom of pic)
Random train platform
Morning rush at the train station (1)
Morning rush at the train station (2)

Riding In Trains:
Kirk in Rush Hour
Compressed People
Now stopping at Tokyo Station
Horse stable under a rail station (1)
Horse stable under a rail station (2)
Express Train

Random Items:
The Goodyear Blimp?
Cartoon on Jumbo TV

TIme for a break:
Justin takes an ice cream break (1)
Justin takes an ice cream break (2)
Justin bows to peer pressure

Flying to Komatsu:
Japanese beverages – Tasty Fitness
Japanese beverages – Pocari Sweat
Tokyo Haneda Airport
View from the plane (1)
View from the plane (2)
View from the plane (3)
Video screen on landing (shows a view from a camera on the nose).

From Komatsu to Unoke:
Gas prices in Japan (that’s yen per liter … 118 yen to the dollar)
Have a Coke & a smile
Local eatery (1)
Local eatery (1)
Statue in front of train station
Warning: Steam Powered Locomotive Ahead!

Going to Yonezawa:
Damn Starbucks
Mountains (1)
Mountains (2)
Train Schedule
Well engineered sign in train station (how many American companies would bother with the cables?)

Mountains (1)
Mountains (2)
Mountains (3)
Justin in Yonezawa
The NEC Virtual Fish Tank (one of their best selling products)
The sign says ‘do not feed the fish’
House Slippers (you wear these inside the building, a tradition still held by established Japanese companies)

Near Nagano:
Looking out my train window
This map should clear things up
More snow-capped mountains
Vending machines everywhere
This must be a very thirsty country
Engrish translation problems with this soda






7 responses to “Japan: Picture Gallery”

  1. Sean Avatar

    My goal in life is to have kenny’s hair.

  2. Amy Avatar

    I’m greatly amused by the gas prices photo. Look up and to your right – does that sign say "Freaks" or am I getting subliminal messages again?

  3. Geof Avatar

    Says "Freaks" to me.

    Brian, have you ever tried to drink Pocari Sweat? eww.

  4. senji sukiro Avatar
    senji sukiro

    hii, im senji, i live in indonesia, city of jakarta. i really love your song title "tokyo", "talking to the night". Im 25 years right now. I do enjoy your music. May i have your pic to me. I have some questions,may i know about u more. I mean about your live, n why u never realease a new song or concert in jakarta? thank u very much . i wish u send me back. Bye

  5. Siliconchef Avatar

    And the crowd goes "???"

  6. brad Avatar

    Apparently Senji thinks you’re Brian Ice.

    Question from the peanut gallery: when will the Brian Ice Confuse-O-Meter be going up here?

  7. neophenx Avatar

    cool, none of the pictures from my trip were that good!

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