Brian Richardson, nerd about town with his blog, siliconchef.com, started back in 2001. Brian uses this site to talk about travel, computers, video, marriage, Dragon*ConTV and his little GeekFarm in Loganville, Georgia. Brian is currently employed as a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Intel, working with the Software & Services Group (SSG).

At first glance, Brian Richardson is a strange individual without enough free time to keep up with everything he wants to do … it’s amazing how accurate a first glance can be.

Born at a very early age, Brian lived the standard “outcast nerd in a small Southern town” life until the age of 16 when he was accepted to the North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics. Promoted to uber-geek status, Brian started dabbling in video production with the help of the school’s media lab.

Deciding against a career in television for many sane reasons (low salaries, lack of job security, mediocre looks & bad teeth), Brian went to Clemson University to get an Electrical Engineering degree. During six years of math, programming, elective classes and power electronics labs that might kill you if you’re not paying attention, Brian got involved with student radio (WSBF-FM). This did nothing good for his free time, and lead to him co-founding the campus cable television network (CCN) around 1995.

Brian left college in June 1996 to work in Atlanta, GA (okay, not actually in Atlanta, but you can see the smog sometimes) and marry a wonderful woman named Suzan that he met in college. He did manage to finish his MSEE in 1997, and slowly tried to blend into the normal life of a computer programmer.

That didn’t last long. In 1998, Brian was introduced to Dragon*Con. After starting work with the Technical Operations staff, he started making silly Dragon*ConTV videos with several staff members. This has consumed parts of his basement, several months of every year and somehow put him in charge of videography at Dragon*Con.

Dragon*ConTV introduced Brian to the dark underbelly of podcasting. Thanks to vile characters like Steve Eley and Michael R Mennenga, Brian and his friends thought WhatTheCast was a good idea. God help us all …

Brian has been a writer for linux.com, along with his own blog (siliconchef.com) started in 2001. Brian also contributed to the Intel Embedded Community “Ask a BIOS Guy” blog.

For a number of strange reasons, Brian has been featured on Wired, CNN, BBC Tech News, Slashdot, Slice Of ScifiDevice Forge, Digital Atlanta and Intel’s YouTube Channel.

Brian doesn’t have a lot of time for his drumming as of late, but does play with the jazz combo Play It With Moxie at various sci-fi and fantasy conventions. Brian is also a black belt at Jim Sams Karate in Stone Mountain, GA where he attends and occasionally teaches self-defense classes (Sajido & Tae Kwon Do).