Not a fun week for Suzan

Last week was looking good in the life of Suzan Richardson, but so far this week is not being nice to my wife.

After I got back from an average IDF, Suzan and I had Friday off to look at stuff for the house. Saturday we took her horse Del to a trainer north of Atlanta. Our pony is at a new stable where he can get more training and (crossing fingers) be sold to a good owner who will care for him & ride him in hunter shows.

Sunday was joyful & stressful for Suzan, spending the day with her parents to look at the new house. The joy comes from showing off the progress of our house … the stress comes from spending the day with your parents picking out colors & checking out every square inch of the new home. The day went well.

Sunday night Suzan got some odd news from the horse trainer, that Del was starting to act up and refused some commands. While he rode well on Saturday, he spent most of Sunday’s rides trying to get back to the barn. He’s never been that hard-headed with Suzan, so she’s really worried. We’ll have to wait & see what happens over the next few weeks.

Then Monday comes … and the clutch on her Subaru goes out. The clutch on the 200,000+ mile car was starting to slip a bit, and today was the day it decided to go “pop”. So Suzan’s stranded at work & “SaBubbaRu” is on it’s way to visit Gene at My Mechanic (again).

I just want my wife to be happy … is that so wrong?

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  1. I shall be forced to do the anti-suck-foo dance. According to the ritual I will wear the hat and the grass skirt but I will be damned if I am actually going to wear the coconut shells. Hop 3 times left, skip 3 times right…salute with both middle fingers and then slide backwards. All together now.

    Remember you have to chant "Die Suck Foo Die" all the while. I figure we get enough people doing it … either the suck will be banished or Suzan will be laughing at our idiocy so hard she will forget about it. Either way…she wins.

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