Automotive Entropy Strikes Again!

Stupid entropy … forget CO2 emissions, automotive entropy (the eventual heat death of any car, specifically any one that I own) is causing global warming.

The truck lost the main drive belt last night, thanks to the noisy and sudden death of an aging power steering pump (fortunately it died it’s last gasp in my driveway). Suzan was driving the truck because our mechanic was giving last rites to the Subaru (it’s original engine, now over 217,000 miles, is on life support).

It’s bad when you take a car in for an oil change and the mechanic in the back room yells “I thought you told them to sell than damn thing!”

So Suzan now has the Neon (our youngest car at a spry 149,000 miles) while I limp the Subaru into work, after waiting at home for the tow truck operator to haul the pickup the the mechanic who just got done with the Subaru.

My plans to buy a new car (well, newer car) just got accelerated. My time at home waiting on Allstate Member Services was spent on the internet, using the keyboard to pick out a new steering wheel. PT Cruiser, here we come.

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