Liquid What?

Take a look at this pic from Austin, via my cell phone’s pseudo-camera …

LiquidWhat (19k image)

If you can’t tell, it says “Haulin’ Liquid Chicken” … Liquid Chicken? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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  1. I’ll bet it’s the manufacturered “crude oil” they can make out of anything carbon based. I’ve read that there is a plant near the Pilgrim’s Pride facility in Arkansas or Missouri where they take all the leftover chicken parts (skin and feet and stuff) and put it through this process and create synthetic crude oil.

  2. Passed one of those trucks just now on I-30 heading West in between New Boston and Mount Pleasant in TX. Very weird. Maybe an inside joke in the company? The side of the truck said “Livingston”

  3. I called the company. It is rendered chicken fat and is not edible for humans, but is used in dog foods and chicken feed.

  4. We are RVers so we are on the road a lot. I keep a pencil and paper to make notes about things we see. Saw a truck like this today Westbound on I-20 in MS. So glad to find this website so we can cross this off of our “find out about it” list. Thanks!!

  5. We saw this truck today on I-20 heading east through Louisiana and I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough to take a picture. Liquid chicken…ew.

    Thanks for the info, we were dying of curiosity.

  6. I saw a truck yesterday on my way home from work. Have been going through some personal things here lately and yesterday they got really bad for me. I prayed for a distraction and there it was!!!! A beautiful tractor trailer, the chrome tank sparkled in the sunlight and I was attention was captured……as I came closer and closer to the back, I noticed there was writing. A little closer and God answered my prayers w/ a single phrase “Haulin’ Liquid Chicken”. And I still couldn’t sleep last night……..LOL.

  7. I am sure the phrase haulin’ liquid chicken is a huge inside joke for the drivers of livingston, but then at least you know its not liquid nitrogen. Based on this blog it would appear that there a few trucks with this set up. I saw truck 2010 SB on I 35 in TX.

  8. I saw a pic of a truck with this phrase on a friends myspace page……I can’t wait to tell her what it meant…..thanks

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