Bad Alternator, Bad Alternator! No Cookie!

Turns out the power steering pump on my truck is just fine (there’s a small leak somewhere, but the pump works fine) … but the alternator is toast.

The grinding noise & steering problems the truck exhibited before suffering from “sudden belt loss syndrome” was a faulty alternator. Suzan had to have it replaced a few months back when in South Carolina. Fortunately the local Advance Auto Parts honored their warranty, so we just pay the mechanic a few bucks to install the new part (yay Gene).

Suzan and I spent lunch shopping for a PT Cruiser. The one I looked at yesterday had a purple “flame” decal on the hood & an after-market tint job (possibly pimped in the past … Danger Will Robinson), but the price looked good. Today’s car was newer & lacked any evidence of pimping and/or ricing (can you rice an car from the American division of a German company that was built in Mexico?), but was more expensive.

Another car I need to check out may be the baby bear out of the three, assuming it doesn’t sell before I can get over to Lawrenceville. Nobody buy any cars till I get back, okay?

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