The three things you never talk about …

… sex, politics & religion … right? So you have a friend that you can talk to about two out of three, but maybe bringing the third topic up backfires.

The “hi, how are you, how have you been” cell phone call went off the rails in about three minutes. She said something off hand about Social Security reform (just a scam to give Wall Street more money), I said something back (why is the government taking my money to fund a bad pyramid scheme) … and the management procedures hit the fan.

Silly me, being honest with my friends … even the ones I can talk to about sex & religion.

When you get a person who has fallen on hard times talking about people they’ve seen needing government support, their life experience and feelings get pulled into their beliefs. When you counter that with someone who’s grandfather went through harder times and used proper planning to work himself up to financial independence, then their beliefs clash a bit.

I’ve just got two things I want from my government the next four years … tax reform & social security reform (and yes, they’re related). I’ll form better entries for those topics later. Right now I need to know if Hallmark makes a “sorry we don’t agree on policy” card.

2 Replies to “The three things you never talk about …”

  1. Man, we could use a card like that.

    Mostly I learn to keep my mouth shut, as I end up getting crapped on by both sides in anything political.

  2. Of course, if you love arguing politics, then perhaps that long ah, spirited discussion is really just sharing some passion. Grin.

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