Vegas Redux

I haven’t gotten around to posting all of the pictures from the last trip to Las Vegas, and it looks like I’m going back. I have to spend a few days at a tradeshow in Vegas this week, so I get a business trip to my last vacation spot.

It’s not all fun and games … three nights of booth duty, less-than-glamorous hotel arrangements and a red-eye flight on one of my least favorite airlines … but it’s not a bad place to do business.

Maybe I can get some photos uploaded before I leave, but I also have a Dragon*ConTV staff meeting to plan … foo.

5 Replies to “Vegas Redux”

  1. We didn’t see Ka. We tried a non-Cirque experience. Lance Burton, Penn & Teller … completely free of French Canadians.

  2. Given what they’re charging for Cirque shows now, it wasn’t a difficult decision.

  3. I like Cirque, but I wanted something different on the last trip. Plus, it’s hard *not* to see Cirque in daily life due to all the exposure they get.

    I’m not sure about their next show … it’s a Beatles tribute called "Love" (opens in June in Vegas).

    I hope these artists aren’t about to jump the shark (or jump 30 cast members in day-glo outfits that artistically represent a shark-like being who speaks cryptically with a French accent).

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