Theory of Nerd Relativity

Hypothesis: there’s more than one kind of nerd on this planet. Some belong to multiple sets that overlap in strange patterns.

Supporting Arguments: Perry & Kimber

Perry is a Stanford graduate, math/computer wiz, and WSOP braclet winner. Perry and his poker-playing wife are friends of mine now thanks to my wife’s internet presence.

Yesterday I flew into Las Vegas for a Microsoft tradeshow. I had a late lunch at the Venetian with Perry, Kimber and one of their poker friends. The three of them are interwoven into the world of online poker, worldwide tournament play and the new poker celebrity culture.

They don’t sound like “nerds” until poker hits the stream of conversation … then talk of E3 appearances, payout odds on Ceasar’s Palace video poker machines and chat sessions with players who make movie cameos.

My lame $10 blackjack playing ass just sat there and ate fish.

Then somehow Perry mentions a private table with someone involved in … now we’re all into conversation about fan films, DragonConTV and The Star Wars kid. The nerds intersect and hit a level playing field.

Good friends, good talk, exposure to another set of “nerds” that won’t living in their mother’s basements anytime soon.

Two more days of tradeshow nerds, then it’s home to tape more DCTV2006. That nerd life overlapped with Microsoft’s tradeshow as I was interviewed for the tradeshow podcast (maybe they’ll use my ramblings about firmware, maybe not). After the red light went off, I talked high-def video with the crew (drooling over their $10,000 HDV rig).

Remember, we’re not geeks … geeks bite the heads off of chickens. Viva la nerd.

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