Two Comments on Delta Airlines

Since US Airways has withdrawn its hostile takeover bid for Delta Airlines, the frequent flyer in me wishes to point out the following related stories …

1. The CNN Money story covering the withdrawn offer. It’s not a fancy piece of journalism, but it has a great caption under the stock photo:

Delta Air Lines (tail in front) will apparently stay independent after its creditors rejected a hostile bid from US Airways (tail in rear).

Are the fine folks at Atlanta-based CNN trying to imply that (a) Delta has the tail on the wrong end of their plane or (b) US Airlines is showing us their rear end as they run away from Atlanta?
2. A senator figuring out that if US Airways has the money to pickup a giant airline, then they can afford to pay back the government for pension shortfalls. The libertarian in me loves the idea of getting some of my wasted tax dollars back … as long as the Democrat from the great state of New Jersey doesn’t blow it on some lame social program.

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