Ask your doctor if Stimulus is right for you

If you haven’t heard, the economy is a little rough right now. Not as rough as one might be lead to believe watching the news, but bad enough that politicians want to look like they’re doing something useful.

As a user of the Internet, you’re probably receiving emails for herbal “supplements” designed to stimulate and enhance male performance.

Yeah, those work about as well as this stimulus package.

But one has to ask … if giving businesses tax breaks and letting people keep more of their money is good for the economy … why not do it everyday?

Ponder that one while I shop for $600 worth of goods at a Canadian pharmacy.

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  1. Here’s a comment – the Senate is SCREWING IT UP by wanting to make it a charity event.
    HELLO??!!! The retired seniors are GETTING social security NOW, for which the EMPLOYED are paying out the butt!! WE will NOT get ANY of that. Screw the seniors.

    And if Bush’s tax breaks for companies will be allowed to pass, then there will be JOBS. Hence less unemployment.

    This is supposed to be a REBATE – to put $$ into the pockets of people who are WORKING, for those who DRIVE THE ECONOMY. It’s not “cookies for everybody”!!! Stop wishing to reward LOSERS who are NOT WORKING. That’s the message the Senate is SHOUTING. Damn dems are already wanting to coddle & reward the lazy.

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