Turkeymas Pre-Game Show

The turkey is in the fridge, the deviled eggs are made and the bucket is being washed. Yeah, looks like it’s time for Thanksgiving at the GeekFarm.

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving at my house, a celebration that has been dubbed “Turkeymas” by Amy. Over the years, Suzan and I have opened our house to friends that do not visit their families for Thanksgiving. It’s become a great holiday tradition that will bring over a dozen people to my house. Over the years I feel more thankful for my friends than anything else. I see my family on other days, especially since we’re so spread out.

It’s been easier to get people over to the house as we get more established in the Atlanta area.

  1. We’ve been here a while and have more friends
  2. Our friends are also established and can’t always leave town for the holidays
  3. Some of our friends have dicey family relationships, so it’s safer to stick with us
  4. The GeekFarm features a large house so there’s a lot of space
  5. I make a damn tasty turkey

The turkey isn’t something I can take full credit for. Alton Brown’s Good Eats Turkey is just an exceptional piece of culinary design, and it’s easy to make tasty using these instructions. An open space for friends featuring properly denatured proteins is an easy space to fill.

So the night before the gathering I have a new ritual … make deviled eggs, concoct cranberry creations, cook the turkey brine and wash out a five gallon bucket (yes, I need a five gallon bucket to brine the bird). A 20 pound hen is a small price to pay to get friends to gather in my house on a holiday designed to give people a chance to evaluate what they have yielded in the harvest of their lives.

Oh … I almost forgot the eggnog … pardon me, but the kitchen is calling.

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  1. Have a fantastic Turkeymas! It’s a rough choice when I have to choose between friends and family, but Mom will kill me if I don’t bring her some Baby Cake (Cinnamon Bread)….

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