Oh, the weather outside …

PT Snowmobile (from Flickr)
PT Snowmobile (from Flickr)

Thursday’s snow wasn’t deep by any means, but it created a lovely layer of ice. This is the “Climate Change Bailout Program” for local news networks and cable TV weather coverage.

Atlanta doesn’t handle ice well. I was out late last night and faced a dark drive in messy weather. I could have crashed at a friend’s house rather than drive home in the slush at 1:00am … but I knew it would actually be colder in the morning than when I started back to the house. Taking my time in the dark on the occasional pocket of ice was preferred to dodging sliding cars in the morning commute.

Risking a slippery drive home was completely worth it, because I got to practice with Play It With Moxie ahead of our annual GaFilk performance. Hot jazz fixes any cold weather.

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