Breaking With Flare

One note I have to make about this picture: it has not been modified in any way. No color correction, no Photoshop and no J.J Abrams production credits.

Breaking With Flare

Grand Master Scott Yates (8th dan, Sin Moo Hapkido) and his students put on a very destructive breaking demonstration.

This is the picture as-is from the camera (converted from RAW to JPEG in Lightroom). The lens flare is from a camera flash across from me, which went off just as I took the picture.

I took hundreds of pictures at Karate College and if I took another thousand I doubt I could ever get this effect again in real life. Capturing rare moments like this is why I love photography.

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  1. Scott Yates is very good master and beutiful man.His is lider.Hi was on seminar hapkido in our toun Minsc,Belarus,this summer . He is extraordinary.

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