Change of the Season(s)

Remember that song “All Four Seasons” by Sting? You can get the same experience without the gushy love song feelings … just get a  job where you constantly travel.

If it’s a sunny day I take my umbrella
Just in case the raindrops start to fall
You could say that I’m just a cautious fellow
I don’t want to be caught in a sudden squall
That’s my baby, She can be all four seasons in one day

Last week I was in Rochester where late April typically brings beautiful spring weather to Upstate New York. I say “typically” because I was greeted at the airport by sleet and a high of 38F. The Weather Channel referred to this freak storm as “snowpril” (which I thought was the name of an off-brand pain reliever).

This week I’m in Taipei. At 7:00am it was overcast and 28 degrees … Celsius, not Fahrenheit. Today’s high was 82F with the sort of wet blanket humidity I associate with summers in Georgia. Actually, it’s a slightly damper version of what I just left in Georgia. Thanks to Taipei for making me feel right at home.

How will I know? How can I tell?
Which side of the bed she takes when the day begins
She can be kind, She can be cruel
She’s got me guessing like a game show fool

Bob Dylan don’t need no weatherman to know which way the wind blows, but my friends at The Weather Channel get a call from my web browser before I leave town. I check the weather twice before each trip: once when I pack and once before I head to the airport. I tend to pack 4-5 days before a trip, so that last minute weather check saves me when weather reporters suddenly start using phrases like “Snowpril”, “snOMG” and “The Day After Tomorrow isn’t supposed to be a documentary”.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to grab an umbrella and head to dinner … that “wet blanket humidity” just turned into “wet”.






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