The Terrible Lesson of Frosty the Snowman

My brother and I have decided that the holiday classic ‘Frosty The Snowman’ is setting a terrible example for kids. Seriously.

Everyone knows that damn ‘Frosty the Snowman’ song, and they remember the classic TV special. But when is the last time you actually watched the TV special?

My brother has a three year old daughter. So he is watching this special all the time … and he has problems. After watching the special with him this holiday season, I have to agree that Frosty is not exactly a role model for children.

Let’s go over the highlights of ‘Frosty the Snowman‘, thanks to the magic of Wikipedia

  • A group of kids take a hat from a magician.
  • The kids reanimate a pile of snow using the stolen hat.
  • The snowman escapes the actual owner of the hat by stowing away on a train. Frosty brings a minor along for the ride, which involves crossing the US border without proper identification or parental permission.
  • The child heading away with the fugitive snowman is freezing to death, so the rabbit teaches other forest creatures how to make a fire. We’re not sure if they discussed how to put a fire out.
  • The magician tracks down the girl and threatens to let her freeze in the woods, then kills Frosty by locking him in a greenhouse.
  • Santa brings Frosty back to life and threatens the magician with a lack of presents if he tries to melt-murder Frosty again.

My brother thinks Frosty was inspired by the tales of a town drunk. I think someone in the holiday special department didn’t have a very good editor. And if you think I have problems with this “classic” Christmas tale, check out A Cartoon Christmas for more details on Frosty’s terrible lessons for kids.

Meanwhile I’ll be researching DVDs to give my brother next Christmas. His daughter needs to learn that the holidays don’t require theft, kidnapping or forest fires.

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