Twenty Years

Twenty years is a long time. It’s amazing how one person can make two decades absolutely amazing.


Some romantics think you need that one special person to complete you. The past twenty years have shown me that’s wrong. People aren’t fractions. Friends and romantic partners improve you … make you better than you were without them.

I’ve spent almost half of my life with Suzan. We met this day back in 1993 and started dating shortly thereafter. I was at a place in my life where I understand who I was on my own. I knew I could be a complete person, and I very quickly realized I was better when this woman was in my life. It’s almost impossible to remember a time when I didn’t know Suzan.

Here’s to twenty years of improvement. Twenty years where one person gave me the freedom to be myself. Twenty years knowing that someone else felt better because I was part of her life.

Here’s to twenty years that I can’t imagine living with anyone else.



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