Shanghai at Night #photography

I still have a lot to learn about Shanghai. So far, I know it’s beautiful at night.

shanghai2Anyone visiting Shanghai for the first time will end up at ‘The Bund‘, the tourist area along the banks of the Huangpu River. The Bund works as a dividing line between old and new Shanghai. And there’s a *lot* of new Shanghai just across the river.

Friday night means The Bund is overflowing with photographers. Elaborate wedding parties and tourists with tablets jockey for position along the riverfront to try and get the perfect picture. Most everyone wants the well lit modern skyline in the background of their photographs, even though The Bund features lots of classic architecture from when the West first established banks and embassies in China.

I know I’ll be back in Shanghai next year. Hopefully I’ll have more time away from the office and Westernized hotel to explore this massively crowded city. For now, I’ll look back on photos from an iconic and well-lit skyline.


See the complete ‘Shanghai at Night‘ photo album on my Flickr account.




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