Rest, Refresh, Recover

Normally I love having an extra few days in Taipei … but I typically don’t spend them sick in my hotel bed.

I had big plans for my last business trip to Taiwan. Along with several days of customer training I could hit the electronics market for new video gear, visit some close friends, and shoot video for the pilot of a long overdue project. Wednesday I went to bed early because I felt a bit worn out. Thursday evening I was in the emergency room with a 101F degree fever.

Tonsil infection. Severe tonsil infection. Sore throat, giant doses of antibiotics, sick days in a foreign country. I had to extend my trip to cover the time I missed at work and make sure I was healthy enough to fly home.

So I spent a beautiful weekend in one of my favorite cities stuck in a hotel room, suffering the wrath of bacterial infections and bad television. America has done an excellent job exporting the lower end of our culture … fast food, lame beer, movies starring Nicholas Cage and Steven Segal. It’s a good thing some of my medications induce drowsiness.

I’ve been home for several days, but I’m still recovering. Tired, low appetite, odd sleep schedule. It’s been a while since I’ve been this sick, so this level of recuperation isn’t something I’m used to. I know I’ll be a normal human soon, but for now I have to suck it up and rest.





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