Return from SFO

Suzan and I spent the past week in San Francisco with friends and had a wonderful time.  Our trip combined time with friends, travel to a city filled with great photo opportunities, an escape from the summer heat of Georgia and a celebration of my wife’s birthday.

My first travel documentation task is to upload over 400 photos, then I might be able to get trip memories put onto the site. Watch this space for details …

Geek Culture Survey

My good friend Joyce is conducting a “geek culture” survey.

The purpose of this survey is to gather demographic data about geek culture.  I will be collating the data into a presentation in order to introduce geekdom as a subculture to a masters class on intercultural communication.  There are 18 questions; the first 11 are standard demographic info; the rest are specific to geek culture.  None of the questions are mandatory, but I hope that you will answer them all.

It’s an experiment, and we know how much our fans like science 🙂