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Worldwide Blues #travel #madrid

My recent vacation in Madrid featured many surprises. One of them was in a blues bar. Read more

“Your camera takes such good pictures!” :-/

Ok folks, it’s time we had a talk about photography. To be accurate, this post is about how you talk to a photographer. And we’ll start with this picture I took at Karate College last week.

Hapkido @ Karate College 2012

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Where in the world …

Yes, I’ve been out of touch lately. Work is only part of the reason. Hobbies have also contributed. But a lot of it is just needing time to decompress and think about what I want to be writing.

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2010, one photo at a time

I don’t tend to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year. This year, my camera(s) and I have a goal.

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Dragon*Con Is Back Again

How many days till Dragon*Con? Only 16 … wow.

Yes, this blog has a lot of virtual dust gathering on it. I’ve been a busy boy at work, but Dragon*Con prep has been eating many of my brain cycles. It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun. Read more

Understanding Steampunk

I went to AnachroCon’s Time Traveler’s Ball as a paying guest, hoping for a chance to work on my photography skills. What I left with is a better appreciation and understanding of the steampunk phenomenon.

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