Back to the Belt: Day 1

I just got back from my first night returning to martial arts training. I feel good, a little sore, more than a little out of practice … but very happy to be back.

Everything felt natural. Not perfect, but natural. My kicks need work, my legs don’t stretch as well as they did last year and my stances aren’t as comfortable. But self defense drills felt good: I can block, I remember to check my opponent’s elbow, I can take falls with ease.

It’s the same school I left, and it’s the same school I wanted to come back to. Tomorrow my hips will protest, but I’ll work on them later.

Back to the Belt

Well, it’s been over a year, but I’m more than ready … I’m a martial arts student again. Tomorrow night I try my hand at being a brown belt again. I’m sure my body will not be pleased, but my mind & soul are ready to get back on the mat.

I’ll spend time later explaining why I took a break and what drove me to go back. Right now I need to get those pesky Christmas ornaments out of my living room.