Category: Back To The Belt

  • Back to the Belt: Extension

    Wednesday was my first night back at Sajido for a two hour session … one hour with the beginner’s class, one hour in the advanced. Boy do I need that beginner’s class.

  • All That Jazz

    In one week I managed to touch on all of my dormant hobbies with a manic vengance. I might even keep them going after I recover.

  • Back to the Belt: Day 1

    I just got back from my first night returning to martial arts training. I feel good, a little sore, more than a little out of practice … but very happy to be back. Everything felt natural. Not perfect, but natural. My kicks need work, my legs don’t stretch as well as they did last year […]

  • Back to the Belt

    Well, it’s been over a year, but I’m more than ready … I’m a martial arts student again. Tomorrow night I try my hand at being a brown belt again. I’m sure my body will not be pleased, but my mind & soul are ready to get back on the mat. I’ll spend time later […]