Legos and Microchips

Thursday, 10:26 AM, San Jose, CA.

I have determined it is very hard to make the AMI corporate logo out of Lego blocks.

It’s the last day of the Intel Developer Form (IDF) at the San Jose Convention Center. I packed up the booth about an hour ago, leaving three boxes and four pages of paperwork on the shipping dock. The remaining technical sessions aren’t very compelling, so I’m using my short break to go over my notes and play with Legos.
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Up, Up and Away

Tuesday, August 21. 9:22 PM EST

Pecan Delight or Ruffles?

After completing what was advertised as a “turkey sandwich”, I contemplate the remainder of my in-flight snack. The Ruffles contain a modest 3% of my federally mandated sodium for the day. However the Pecan Delight mingles chocolate with the subtle flavors of partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil and lecithin.

Chocolate or potato? Lecithin or sodium?
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