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The Nexus Project: Brian’s New Phone

Today I start a journey … a journey off the well worn path of American smart phone ownership. I just bought the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus, and I’d like you to come with me as I bring it into the world.

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Leveling Up

So after fifteen years at the same company, here’s a phrase I didn’t expect to be uttering anytime soon … Friday is my last day at AMI.

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TRON, Milkshakes and Clown Cars

No, this isn’t exactly a review of TRON: Legacy. It’s part of a conversation that happened after I saw the movie. But it’s a funny story that indicates I have collected a very odd set of friends.

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Telecommuting & Conference Calls

Today, Brian offers his tips for successfully handling an international conference call while working from home. Read more

Where in the world …

Yes, I’ve been out of touch lately. Work is only part of the reason. Hobbies have also contributed. But a lot of it is just needing time to decompress and think about what I want to be writing.

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Love in the Time of the iPad

With the Super Bowl behind us and the promise of spring around the next ice-covered corner, I have some free time to think about technology. Specifically, how the world has a love-hate relationship with a device that hasn’t even made it to stores yet …

Yes, it’s time for Brian to talk about the iPad.

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