Brazil: The Sound of Angry Bees

Sao Paulo, Brazil – June 15, 2010 – 4:22pm

The point of watching the game isn’t to see the game … it’s to see the fans. That’s my approach to watching today’s World Cup match with Brazil and North Korea. However, failure to plan means I’m watching it in a hotel bar, which isn’t exactly the height of local color.

Still, just seeing the fans in the street before the game tells me I’m not in Kansas anymore.

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Pictures from across the pond

Yes, I’ve been away for a while. It was so busy I had to wait till I got back to sort through hundreds of photos and pages of personal notes.

Have a Coke and a smile (Munich)
Have a Coke and a smile (Munich)

While I compose some blog posts about my ten day trip business trip to Germany, enjoy some pics from many German cities … and a few shots from Amsterdam.

Still Life (Amsterdam)
Still Life (Amsterdam)

Back from Germany

Yesterday I returned from my ten day trip to Germany. It was a busy trip, so my blog updates will be delayed as I go through hundreds of photos, dozens of receipts, some personal notes and one heck of a sinus headache (I don’t remember packing that for the trip).

When photos do get posted, they’ll be on my Flickr account.