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Irish Bars in France

So this American walks into an Irish bar in France … well, four of them.

Not a great setup for a joke, but a pretty accurate way to describe my weekend in Nantes.

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The Sad State of the American Credit Card

Thanks to recent travels in France, I have a new insult … “as useless as an American Express card in Europe.” Read more

Global Nerds

It’s official. We’ve taken over the world.

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Not Every Day Is A Vacation

Welcome to Nantes, France. OK, maybe that isn’t entirely true. Welcome to a Best Western at the end of the #75 bus line, which is a 15 minute walk to my company’s local office, which is in the suburbs of Nantes.

It’s a bit like people in Norcross welcoming you to Atlanta.

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Heading to France

Yes, I’m off for another international business trip. That’s nothing new. But for this trip, I get a change of scenery.

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Leaving Las Lucas

Not many people would consider turning down a free BluRay from the LucasFilm gift shop. However, I am not many people.

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