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‘Cause Hong Kong Funk Gonna Give It To Ya #travel

Trust me, I really enjoy travel. But today I’m in a funk. Standing around an airport trying to confirm my flight doesn’t count as “travel”. Welcome to Saturday in Hong Kong, where Brian tries to fly home. Sounds easy, but it’s not.

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Change of Habits, Change of Scenery

Air travel is nothing new for me. It just feels weird when I’m doing it in a new set of cities. Read more

Measure Twice, Cluck Once

Despite years of formal engineering training, it’s immensely satisfying to build things out of what’s lying around my farm. Read more

Hoop Performance in Las Vegas #photography

Hoop performer at LIGHT Nightclub (Mandaly Bay, Las Vegas). Getting used to the compact camera I grabbed on sale at Christmas (Olympus XS-2). It was nice to have an interesting performance to play with as I try to tame a new gadget.

Hoop Performance @ LIGHT Nightclub

Hoop Performance @ LIGHT Nightclub

Photo Throwback – Flaming Drinks in Taipei #photography

Casper, bartender at Ounce Taipei (October 2014).