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Eugie, Tom, Creation and Connection

I’ve thought a lot recently about connecting with people. Some of this comes from working with technology, but a lot of it comes from two recent deaths. One connected to me through his voice, another connected to me through her words. Both haunt me in weird ways. Read more


Everything happening in Boston yesterday was a bit too much. Too much to process. Too much to remember.

Too much noise.

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Backroads in the Modern Era

I love driving the backroads of North Carolina, even if they’re not entirely compatible with technology. Saturday gave me a chance to revisit the experience.
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Dragon*ConTV Presentation at Digital Atlanta

I had the opportunity to talk to Digital Atlanta 2012 about the work I’ve done with Dragon*ConTV over the past ten years. My presentation (“The Accidental Community: Ten Years of Dragon*ConTV“) ties the history of this video production group into Dragon*Con and the growth of social media.

I had planned to post a recording of the presentation, but the audio didn’t turn out well (bad cable connection, lots of noise). The presentation materials are posted on Prezi, but I’m also posting a full script with links to the videos I used in the presentation (starts after the break).

Thanks to everyone who attended. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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New International Terminal at ATL

Yes, there is a new international terminal opening tomorrow in Atlanta. No, I haven’t seen it in person … and I won’t for many months. Talk about poor timing.

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I am Jack’s Vibrating Luggage

It’s never a good thing when you show up for your flight and the police have roped off your airline’s registration counter. But that happened to me last Monday.
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