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May 1, 1993 is when I met Suzan Leigh Martin … the woman I married almost fifteen years ago. As of yesterday, we have been together 18 years. Suzan has changed my life in so many ways.


Falling in love with her changed more than my marital status. Suzan has impacted the way I think about the world and how I set my priorities in life. Thank you my dear.

Conversations with and about my immune system

Having lived in my body for all of my life, I do tend to notice when it fails me. Sometimes I miss the small stuff like knee twinges and shoulder pain until they’re painful knee twinges and very painful shoulders, but other times I catch the minor symptoms before they get worse.

Like the sore throat and light head. That’s a sign to pack it in.

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Zero to Barn in One Month

Thanks to good weather, good builders and reasonable construction prices … GeekFarm 2.0 has Barn 2.0 (beta version). Pics are on Flickr.

That isn’t a complet ebarn yet. We have the concrete & complete structure in place, but it needs a lot more… stall walls, plumbing, interior walls, insulation and electricity (just to name a few).

Still, it’s a lot of progress in about one month. My wife is very happy right now 🙂

Loud Sex

“By the way,” my wife said, “I need to tell you something about the turtles …”

This is a story about roommates and their pets. And turtle sex.

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