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Counting Crows #photothrowback


Counting Crows. September 2013. San Francisco.

Jazz In Taipei #photography #photothrowback

I’m spending the weekend making music with friends, so it seems like a good time to reflect on making music while I travel.

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Worldwide Blues #travel #madrid

My recent vacation in Madrid featured many surprises. One of them was in a blues bar. Read more

Fifth of May (Jonathan Coulton song parody)

I don’t always write song parodies, but when I do they’re to the tune of Jonathan Coulton …

Fifth of May (ttto “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton)

I woke up this morning
I had some coffee from Juan Valdez
And then I had a little conversation with my Latino friends
I said I’m in the mood to party
In the middle of the spring
Then The Most Interesting Man in the World
Began to sing
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Pics from Jonathan Coulton Concert

JoCo Crowd Shot

JoCo Crowd Shot

Full photo set at my Flickr account

Jonathan Coulton, Variety Playhouse, Jan 16 2010

Jonathan Coulton, Variety Playhouse, Jan 16 2010

All That Jazz

In one week I managed to touch on all of my dormant hobbies with a manic vengance. I might even keep them going after I recover.

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