Nice bathroom

The hotel near our office has been upgraded since I last stayed here four years ago. The bathrooms are much nicer than before … which is good, since I’ve been in my room all day with an upset stomach.

Was it the nice local seafood meal that did me in? Jet lag? Staying up into the late hours drinking with office mates? Well, one or more of those cause Saturday to turn into a sick day. Since I don’t have the other nasty symptoms associated with a hangover, I’ll take the jet lag combined with eagerly stuffing my gullet with a great assortment of local seafood. The stomach is recovering, and I’ll try not to abuse it tonight.

Aside from the twisted tummy last night was fun. It’s good to hang with folks from the home office, folks from the local office and their local pals. We’ll see how social Saturday gets … just as soon as I hit the 7-11 for a light carbonated beverage.