No, not Uma Thurmond!

What has happened to the south? Can Dixie exist without Jesse Helms & Strom Thurmond?,2933,32625,00.html

A history professor once said “Only God can take Strom Thurmond out of office”. Well, a miracle of biblical proportions might have happened … Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond both announce retirement in the same week. Neither will seek re-election next term. This will confuse Southern voters, who seem to vote for these two based on an automatic ballot reflex (silimar to Pavlov’s dog sitting next to windchime in a hurricane).

It might be safe to move back to Carolina again.

My favorite Strom Thurmond comments of all time …
(1) My wife’s history professor pointing out that when Strom took office in 1944, his current wife was being born.
(2) Conan O’Brien on August 13 …
Vermont congressman Jim Jeffords has switched parties, that’s the big story this week. Strom Thurmond once switched parties too. He once switched from the hunters to the gatherers.

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