I’m Going To Disneyrand

Well, not exactly …

You see, I’m doing this little presentation at Intel Developer Forum at the end of the month. I just got confirmation that Intel wants me to do the presentation again in April.

Once In Japan.
Once in Taiwan.
Once in China.

Yes, Brian gets to globetrot again this year. This invitation to attend the IDF series in Asia allows me the chance to visit Tokyo, Taipei and Beijing. I’ve never been to Beijing, so that should be cool. I’ve also never been to these cities without my boss, so I’ll finally get to roam freely (you might want to read about my last trip to Japan to fully understand this).

So why the reference to “Disneyrand” in the entry title? IDF Japan is at Tokyo Disneyland.

Why did they put “Disneyland” in a county that can’t properly say the letter “l”? It always comes out sounding like “Disneyrand”, which gives me visions of an Ayn Rand amusement park (“I’ve been standing in line two hours to ride the Atlas Shrugger, but I’ve only made it through three chapters of this thick book.”).

I tried to get the trip booked on Delta, hoarding my precious SkyMiles, but they were too expensive. The trip was half the cost on United ($1500 for the whole thing, absolutely amazing). So I now have a United frequent flyer number as well. United’s a nice airline, I just hate flying through Chicago. The last time I went through Chicago was on one of my famous “36 hour days”, coming back from Korea. The time difference had me arriving in Chicago at the same time I leave Korea (I loathe the International Date Line), so I wasn’t in a great mood. After burning my layover on slow luggage claim and piss-poor security, I barely had time for a marginal lunch at the Fox Sports Sky Box.

I think I’ll manage to earn a few more SkyMiles this year (my second trip to Califorina this year happens at the end of the month). I’m just trying to keep my Gold Medallion status … Delta sends you all sorts of goodies in the mail when you have a Medallion card (upgrade certificates and free drink coupons show up in the mail like credit card offers).

Didn’t I used to sit in a cube and write code for a living? It’s a distant memory, remembered like an old man reminiscing about the Christmas he got a bicycle. Now I’m the globetrotting geek, trading cubes for metal cylinders that fly through the lower atmosphere.

But nobody gets to see Beijing by staying in their cubicle.

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