The Five People That Make Your Presentation Suck

Everybody blames PowerPoint for ruining presentations. PowerPoint isn’t the problem … it’s a tool. Blaming PowerPoint for a bad presentation is like blaming the hammer for a poorly built roof (unless M.C. Hammer actually built your roof, in which case he’s not legit and should quit home improvement).

In short … the error is often between the laser pointer and the screen. Here are the five types of people that make professional presentation materials more confusing than directions from Apple Maps. Continue reading “The Five People That Make Your Presentation Suck”

Pointless Pointing in PowerPoint

Today we explore the connection between Power Point slides and television news graphics. Our journey into the land of better PowerPoint starts with this article … Lose that gesture: Presenters, stop pointing to your slides.

“Turning away, even partially, may cause you to break your eye contact with the audience. If you work at facing forward and even gesturing toward us, you’ll have our attention.”

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