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One Year In

This week marks my one year anniversary at Intel. Changing jobs was a big deal for me, and so far it’s been fantastic.

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The Overhead Compartment Blues

As a frequent flyer I need to discuss how the overhead compartment has been ruined by stupid airline fees, shy airline staff and clueless passengers.

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It’s In The Bag

I’ve had a bit of an attachment to the Ziplock bag since I started traveling for business, but it has nothing to do with those stupid TSA requirements.
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I expected the rain on this trip to Taiwan. I wasn’t expecting to slide all the way across the sidewalk …

Sidewalks may be wet when raining. People may fly when sidewalks are wet.

Sidewalks may be wet when raining. People may fly when sidewalks are wet.

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Thinking on my feet

Working from home is a good excuse to change many of my daily habits. The ones I’m tackling first apply to not only when I work, but what posture I’m using during work.

In short, I’m trying to stand up most of the day.
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Gainfully Unemployed

The past week has been a bit odd for me, since it’s the first time in 15 years that I’ve been unemployed. It’s a temporary condition until I start at Intel on Monday, but I have avoided being a slacker during my “week off”.

The goal this week has been forward momentum, making as much of my gainful unemployment as possible. Recycling old computer parts, visiting friends in Alabama, a bit of house cleaning and restructuring my home office so I can actually work from home.

I still feel like I could be doing more with this time, but at the end of the week I’m happy with the time off. I saw friends and got a good start on my standing desk … so I have a new setup for a new routine.

Sunday is my trip to Oregon. I’ll arrive in Portland, drive to Hillsboro and get set for my first new employee orientation in over a decade. Good thing I can transition to employment before I get too comfortable … those empty Ikea boxes aren’t big enough to live in.