What is Video Fu?

Since I have wandered into the realm of video creation, perhaps I should expand on the philosophy of “video fu”.

First, the origins of ‘fu’ … most people equate this with ‘kung fu’, which is a phrase equated with Chinese martial arts. In reality, ‘kung fu’ describes the concept of being adept at something. It doesn’t just apply to martial arts. So there can be a ‘kung fu’ of gardening, driving, grilling shrimp and damn near anything else.

Next, why append ‘fu’ to other words … most computer people are used to the term foo. Although is is derived from the military acronym ‘FUBAR’, this is the general history surrounding it’s use by computer programmers …

Very probably, hackish ‘foo’ had no single origin and derives through all these channels from Yiddish ‘feh’ and/or English ‘fooey’.

So it’s generally accepted to for hackers to use the term ‘foo’ in conjunction with other words, but nobody quite knows why. So why “video fu”? Good question. While I compose an answer, please enjoy the randomness of my video collection.

You may need one or more of the following tools to properly view Video Fu (don’t worry, they’re all free):
DiVX Video Codec
RealOne Player

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