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When I Was Five #starwars #theforceawakens

When I was five, a toy robot changed my life. Read more

Dear Riese, we need to talk …

SyFy has been promoting Riese, a web-series they acquired earlier this year. They’ve brought attention, money and a few famous names from Stargate and Battlestar Galactica to the table. What the failed to bring is a web series that I actually look forward to watching.

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The Assumption (George Hrab video)

Today’s video remix is brought to you by George Hrab, his song “The Assumption” and my ability to fill up little bits of free time with video projects … full story after the break.

The non-flash version of the video is also available for download (Apple iPod/M4V).
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I have been a busy boy the past few months … well, busy everywhere but here.

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Video Fu: New Orleans

The first Video Fu ever to get a VF-17 rating. This is New Orleans, so keep your kids away from the video.
New Orleans Video Fu (DiVX 5.0.2, 20MB)
New Orleans Video Fu (RealMedia, 6.7MB)

Video Fu off-line

Administration note: Video Fu downloads may not work for a few days.

I am hosting video downloads from my home server, which is not working for some reason (not the server, but the whole “mapping the server to the internet” thing). I’ll either have to move them to another server or find a way to undo Bell South’s voodoo.