The Assumption (George Hrab video)

Today’s video remix is brought to you by George Hrab, his song “The Assumption” and my ability to fill up little bits of free time with video projects … full story after the break.

The non-flash version of the video is also available for download (Apple iPod/M4V).

George Hrab is a fellow drummer & podcaster … well, I should say fellow podcaster and kick-ass drummer, guitarist and singer (I’m not even close when it comes to musical talent). I’ve become a fan of George’s music since hearing him on a few podcasts and live at Dragon*Con 2007.

So George did this cool video for his song “The Assumption” …

… it’s a very low-tech way to get nine of him on the screen at the same time. I thought it was inventive and really fit the theme of the song. But I also had an image in my head of the way I would have edited it (something that happens when you’ve done way too much video work). It’s been a while since I did a music video that didn’t involve zombies, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

So I contacted George, got the original files he used to make the video, and spent little bits of free time playing with ideas when I had a free moment. George is happy with the result, so I decided to post it here because it just doesn’t fit anywhere else in my video world. I consider it a “remix” rather than a replacement for the original video, and the original video’s low-tech approach still appeals to me.

If you like the music, there’s more at and

6 Replies to “The Assumption (George Hrab video)”

  1. Wow. This remix is absolutely fantastic! I loved Geo’s original, but, again, just wow. Great song. Great video. Great remix. Nice job all around!

  2. You know how much we love this remix. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! And we love you heaps here at Geologic HQ. We do link/embed your video and credit you. Thanks again, sir.

    Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe

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