William Shatner Validated My Career Choices

Originally Presented at the ‘Solve for X’ science variety show (Dragon Con 2017)

This is a smartwatch. The company I work for builds the processor that makes it … smart. This thing is straight out of a Star Trek episode. It feeds me information from a globally connected computer network, uses artificial intelligence to predict my needs, and responds to my voice. I use that last feature more than you might think, given my odd relationship with both science fiction and voice recognition.

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Dragon*ConTV Presentation at Digital Atlanta

I had the opportunity to talk to Digital Atlanta 2012 about the work I’ve done with Dragon*ConTV over the past ten years. My presentation (“The Accidental Community: Ten Years of Dragon*ConTV“) ties the history of this video production group into Dragon*Con and the growth of social media.

I had planned to post a recording of the presentation, but the audio didn’t turn out well (bad cable connection, lots of noise). The presentation materials are posted on Prezi, but I’m also posting a full script with links to the videos I used in the presentation (starts after the break).

Thanks to everyone who attended. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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