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Understanding Steampunk

I went to AnachroCon’s Time Traveler’s Ball as a paying guest, hoping for a chance to work on my photography skills. What I left with is a better appreciation and understanding of the steampunk phenomenon.

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The Assumption (George Hrab video)

Today’s video remix is brought to you by George Hrab, his song “The Assumption” and my ability to fill up little bits of free time with video projects … full story after the break.

The non-flash version of the video is also available for download (Apple iPod/M4V).
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JoCo meets Yahoo!

Months back I went to a Jonathan Coulton concert with several of my friends. I shot some footage at the concert that was used in a Yahoo! People of the Web video profiling Mr. Coulton’s music. Yahoo also used clips from Dragon*ConTV’s music video for Re Your Brains.


I have been a busy boy the past few months … well, busy everywhere but here.

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Zombies, zombies, zombies

Pics from the Dragon*ConTV zombie taping we held last Saturday (May 12th) are posted here –

Morning has broken … somebody call the repair man

*grumble* I have a cat that won’t sleep in. Where is the snooze button on Dite?

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