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Video Fu: Trade Show Trinkets

Brian’s been to one to many tradeshows, and he’s focusing his wit on the crap that exhibitors give away at booths.
Trade Show Trinkets (DiVX5, 15.5MB)
Trade Show Trinkets (RealVideo9, 8.5MB)

Note: the date in the ending credits has been corrected (changed from 2005 to 2003). Apparently this caused a rift in time and space, creating a large “Roddenberry double speak” event. I managed to fix the issue by recalibrating my phase harmionics.

Video Fu: Las Vegas

Not my best video contribution to the Internet, but a good summary of my recent vacation.
Las Vegas Video Fu (DIVX5, 35MB)
Las Vegas Video Fu (RealPlayer9, 13MB)


Video Fu: Shatner Fu

So I’m at IDF and William Shatner decides to stop by. He’s promoting his new book on the journey from science fiction to science fact. I have some pretty cool video from his Q&A session. It’s very interesting, and I think it’s worth putting up with the eight minute length. Shatner talks about technology, speech recognition and that strange Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds cover.
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Video Fu: Dragon*Con Parade

Here’s my video footage, complete with commentary, on the first annual Dragon*Con parade. Enjoy.

dc2002parade_divx.avi (DiVX format, 28.5MB)
dc2002parade.rm (RealVideo 9 format, 12.8MB)

Note: I deleted the MPEG file and replaced it with some smaller options. I hope these work for everybody.

You may need one or more of the following tools to properly view Video Fu (don’t worry, they’re all free): DiVX 4.12 Video Codec | MP3 Audio Codec | RealOne Player for RealVideo 9

Video Fu: What’s Going On In This Limo?

A story of five people, standing on top of a parking deck, peering into the lives of anonymous people in the back of a long car … and mocking them.

What’s Going On In This Limo? (16.8MB DiVX, 2:46)

Video Fu: Chainsaws in Baltimore

So I’m in vacation in Baltimore on July 4th with Suzan (wife), Andy, Heather and Jenn when we meet this guy. He juggles a chainsaw, he plays with fire, he tells bad jokes.

4 minutes and 51 seconds with Sean in Baltimore (DiVX, 33.7 MB)

It’s moments like this I’m glad I own a video camera. It’s worth the download.