Video Fu: Trade Show Trinkets

Brian’s been to one to many tradeshows, and he’s focusing his wit on the crap that exhibitors give away at booths.
Trade Show Trinkets (DiVX5, 15.5MB)
Trade Show Trinkets (RealVideo9, 8.5MB)

Note: the date in the ending credits has been corrected (changed from 2005 to 2003). Apparently this caused a rift in time and space, creating a large “Roddenberry double speak” event. I managed to fix the issue by recalibrating my phase harmionics.

Video Fu: Dragon*Con Parade

Here’s my video footage, complete with commentary, on the first annual Dragon*Con parade. Enjoy.

dc2002parade_divx.avi (DiVX format, 28.5MB)
dc2002parade.rm (RealVideo 9 format, 12.8MB)

Note: I deleted the MPEG file and replaced it with some smaller options. I hope these work for everybody.

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