Video Fu: Shatner Fu

So I’m at IDF and William Shatner decides to stop by. He’s promoting his new book on the journey from science fiction to science fact. I have some pretty cool video from his Q&A session. It’s very interesting, and I think it’s worth putting up with the eight minute length. Shatner talks about technology, speech recognition and that strange Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds cover.

Two versions are offered for your consumption … DiVX and RealVideo 9.

Shatner Fu (DiVX format, 46.8MB)
Shatner Fu (RealVideo 9 format, 23.5MB)

I also have Shatner’s amusing “stolen motorcycle” story, which I didn’t use for the edited video. It’s posted here in RealVideo 9 and DiVX formats.

You may need one or more of the following tools to properly view Video Fu (don’t worry, they’re all free): DiVX 4.12 Video Codec | MP3 Audio Codec | RealOne Player for RealVideo 9

3 Replies to “Video Fu: Shatner Fu”

  1. I must say, browsing through the archives I’ve come to admire this blog. The content is clever and you, the author, seem to present a great read every day. So congratulations my friend, you’ve just earned a 4th regular reader. Bang on.

  2. Thanks for the happy comments. It’s nice to increase regular readership by such an amazing percentage in one day.

  3. I have William Shatner’s old BMW R75/5 motorycle , he apparently didn’t like it but I do and have logged quite a few miles on it .


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