Video Fu: Hot Animal Sex

Three words you never expected to see on my website. This the essence of video fu, a morph of some daily event into a completely different experience. Enjoy my treatment of the birds and the bees … courtesy of a few birds I randomly videotaped in Washington, DC.

Note: the file link has been removed for this entry. There are a lot of people downloading this video, too many really. Based on the fact that these downloads mostly come from video search engines, I assume people aren’t getting the joke and are really looking for animal pr0n. To ease the pain on my server the file is now gone. It was just two birds having sex to 70’s pr0n music … not a big deal.

What is Video Fu?

Since I have wandered into the realm of video creation, perhaps I should expand on the philosophy of “video fu”.

First, the origins of ‘fu’ … most people equate this with ‘kung fu’, which is a phrase equated with Chinese martial arts. In reality, ‘kung fu’ describes the concept of being adept at something. It doesn’t just apply to martial arts. So there can be a ‘kung fu’ of gardening, driving, grilling shrimp and damn near anything else.

Next, why append ‘fu’ to other words … most computer people are used to the term foo. Although is is derived from the military acronym ‘FUBAR’, this is the general history surrounding it’s use by computer programmers …

Very probably, hackish ‘foo’ had no single origin and derives through all these channels from Yiddish ‘feh’ and/or English ‘fooey’.

So it’s generally accepted to for hackers to use the term ‘foo’ in conjunction with other words, but nobody quite knows why. So why “video fu”? Good question. While I compose an answer, please enjoy the randomness of my video collection.

You may need one or more of the following tools to properly view Video Fu (don’t worry, they’re all free):
DiVX Video Codec
RealOne Player

Travel: Video Fu 2

While I finish my entries from the trip to China, please enjoy another video installment. This is the second chapter in my Japan video journal. In this episode, I bring you highlights from late-night TV in Tokyo.

Brian in Japan, Chapter Two: Attack of the Television (05:46 240X192 DiVX, 29691k file)

Chapter Three will bring readers a view of Tokyo, including the Imperial Palace. For now, you’ll have to be satisfied with a collection of strange video clips.

Travel: Video Fu

Since Suzan was so wonderful in letting me buy a video camera, I decided to put it to use while in Tokyo. Did I put it to good use? Time for you to decide!

Now the readers of can become viewers … Brian in Tokyo: Chapter One (DiVX format, about 17MB). Just think of it as Tenchi in Tokyo without all that alien chick stuff. This chapter is an overview of my arrival in Japan, along with an introduction to Tokyo Disneyland.

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