I have been a busy boy the past few months … well, busy everywhere but here.

Six years I setup this little interweb bloggy thing at when friends bought me the domain name. That grew into a lot of writing, some strange videos produced under the name “VideoFu” and a lot of momentum into maintaining the website as a place for my voice to reach out into the world. I was also writing a lot for at the time, so wirting was where the momentum carried me.

Lately I’ve spent more time in collaborative productions … Dragon*ConTV and WhatTheCast come to mind. They’re definitely things that I heavily influence, but they are not just my voice. Again, the momentum moves me towards those outlets.

But that same current can move me away from other things. Sometimes it takes me away from friends, who wait for me to emerge from my cloud of con productions (no, Dragon*Con isn’t over for me & Suzan until we edit four DVDs). Sometimes it takes me away from here, a site that has been consistent until this year when I’ve been very slack about writing … very hesitant to put my voice out into the wild.

I still want a place to put my thoughts with as little filter as possible. Over time, what I am interested in and want to push has changed. My job makes me travel less, and when I do travel I’d rather experience the place and take pictures than write about it (don’t ask me why, it’s just the way it is). The older, crankier & a little more sage version of Brian would just as soon rant about tax reform and why we’re not supposed to be a democracy, just not when my friends want to talk about something that may not get me decapitated.

And then there’s things I want time for but miss … like martial arts, which I took a break from several months back so I could focus on other things (yeah, didn’t blog about that either … sorry).

So the bottom line … well, I haven’t gotten to one yet. I’m definitely more focused on collaboration, friends and strange multimedia productions than I was in years past. No, I don’t miss programming, just the creative process that I now channel into other aspects. Yes, I’d rather be with a group of people than a cluster of servers.

Momentum still moves me in new directions. Once I get my bearings, I’ll settle in and enjoy the ride.

Stay tuned … br

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