Adult Swim: Fear and Loathing in Boston

The recent Adult Swim “bomb scare” fiasco sounded silly at first … the more I read about it, the sillier it gets.

Stephen’s post on the subject (Other Things Boston Has Mistaken For Bombs) lead me to the ABC News coverage, describing how Boston officials decided to charge two artists on terrorism-related charges for putting Lite-Brite style signs around the city. Somehow a light-up sign of a cartoon character sat around for weeks without being noticed, then suddenly became a bomb scare that shutdown the city.

This is normally the part of a blog post where the author …
(a) makes some witty remark about our loss of freedoms in an increasingly paranoid society
(b) holds the current administration responsible for turning the “War on Terror” into the “War on Starving Artists Who Can’t Make a Living Without Government Funded By Tax Money From The Evil Rich That They Had To Have Earned By Clubbing Baby Seals”
(c) links to their favorite copyright infringing video on YouTube
or (d) blames the problem on global warming

I will do none of these things. I will choose (e) make fun of the ABC News website’s choice of banner ad.

The signs tied to Adult Swim’s “War on TerrorMarketing” are done as Lite-Brite homages to characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. So I find it ironic that the ABC News story uses a Lite-Brite style banner ad for one of their news services.

Oh, you don’t believe me … click on the link for screenshot goodness.

ABC News Story with ironic banner ad

ABC News Story with ironic banner ad - small view
Oh irony, how sweet the taste, that makes a blogger like me …

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  1. You know, when I came into work this morning, there, on my very desk, was an electronic device with wires protruding from it! Egads, a bomb! In fact, there were two of them! One even has a numerical display…is it counting down? Quick, call 911!

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