Back In The Saddle

Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in … time to pack for an international business trip, which requires a trip to the grocery store.

On Saturday, I leave for the first international business trip in over a year. As a bonus, it’s a country I’ve never visited before (Germany). As an super added bonus, my wife is coming along.

My ticket is paid for by the company so I can go blab about firmware at a trade show in Nuremberg. Suzan’s ticket is paid for by me because the trip was planned to close to the departure to use SkyMiles … but Suzan has wanted to go to Germany since before we met, and I know I would be in big trouble if I didn’t try to get her on the plane.

I consider it money well spent.

International travel has changed a bit since I last visited Asia. The new “War on Moisture” means I need quart sized bags to contain my conditioner of terror, shampoo of evil, and shaving cream of mass destruction. It’s good to know that the TSA has expanded its reach from the security line to the grocery asile. Now Ziploc & Hefty bags have TSA approval stickers.

Does this mean my lunch is protected from terrorism?

My sandwich feels safer already.

As usual, trip updates will be posted here for your reading pleasure.

2 Replies to “Back In The Saddle”

  1. You know if you pack your toiletries in your checked luggage, you won’t need the baggies, right?

  2. Yes, but if they lose my luggage between here and Germany then I can’t shave or brush my teeth without making a trip to CSVberg.

    I have come off more than one international flight with no luggage there to greet me. Coworkers and customers who saw me the next day in 48 hour old clothes were not impressed.

    I will be packing a bag to check, but it won’t have everything in it. Experience may be a good teacher, but it turns into a cranky nun from a Catholic school when you don’t learn the first lesson.

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